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Link with incredible benefits

Shortening a link can be a stellar marketing solution and it can also connect you with customers at a more personal level. You get to learn more about your customers, their overall destination, and you can also track them and their behavior in the online world.

Targeting and retargeting.

The Shorteny services can be used to target customers and even retarget as needed. You can include a pixel for retargeting in social media ads.

Measure and optimize

You can easily share your links and then study data to see its performance. Then you can adapt and adjust in an appropriate and empowering manner. In the end, you get to connect with the audience you want very fast.

Great for marketing and sales Perfect for sales & marketing

Once you learn more about your customers, you will find it easier to generate more sales naturally. it’s a great way for you to analyze what customers think and how you can achieve the best results.

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Target interested users. Great tools that really work

We believe in generating the best solutions that truly help you understand your customers and bring their experience to the next level all the time. Our tools are powerful, and you can fully customize them to your own needs.

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Powerful tools that work

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Premium Features


Control on each and everything. Gain complete control over your links

If you use our premium solutions, you will have complete control over all links. You can change the destination, include filters and other incredible tools.

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One link to all your links Establish a public profile

You can also create your own public profile, add it to your links, then share it on social media. It’s fast, efficient, it gets the job done, and it conveys the value and results that you need very fast.

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Premium Features

Target Customers

We make it easy to target customers based on their location and device. You can then push them towards lead pages so you can have more conversions.

Custom Landing Page

With a fully customized landing page, you will be able to inform customers and encourage them to purchase your offerings.


You can use the overlay tool to show off various notifications on your website, and it can start a great promo campaign.

Event Tracking

Add a custom pixel, and you will be able to track every event you want in no time.

Premium Aliases

These premium aliases make it easy to choose any link alias you want, from our reserved list.

Robust API

Our API makes it very simple to create custom apps, and at the same time it can extend very quickly according to your needs.

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